New Central Drum flexograpphic machinery latest generation 1 to 2 colors. Designed specifically for customers who need the precision of the central drum to narrow bands and small coils. Fast and easy operability which is well suited to medium and short runs. It is presented in a unique structure for easy istallation.
Mya surpries with its great ease of use and meets a wide range of customers, supporting various types of materials, from paper, all self-adhesive paper to stretch film.

Thanks to its versatility can be equipped with several technical innovations :

  • Anilox rollers ceramic
  • Closed chamber doctor blade
  • Injection Pneumatic or peristaltic pumps for inks
  • Incoming web guide
  • Drying between colors and electrically heated hot air tunnel
  • Slitter to more ‘ blades
  • Double winder station
  • Camera to press monitoring
Technical characteristic 
Colors 1 – 2
Width mm 200 – 400
Print repeat max mm 300
Speed mm 50 – 100