ECO meccanica, with its 20 years of experience in flexographic machine manufacturing, has introduced an innovative printing machine in the adhesive label industry that maintains high print quality on any material, not only on adhesive labels but also on other printing media including paper, aluminium and plastic film.

Developed with the same efficiency and high quality concept already offered in ECO meccanica flexographic printers, it was designed to allow the operator to work easily, quickly and intuitively while ensuring high print quality on various types of material.

Aurora is a flexographic printer dedicated to the world of adhesive labels. It is simple and quick with its SHORT paper passage system, electro-mechanical transmission, 1000mm unwinding roll, entry strip guide with joint surface, inking with rubber cylinder, interchangeable ceramic anilox cylinder, doctor blade system for better print quality, UV lamp drying, rotary die cutter, scrap rewinding system, longitudinal cutting system for trim, video camera to monitor printing and speed of 150 m/min.

Caratteristiche tecniche
Colors mm 1 – 10
Width mm 330 – 630
Print repeat min da 12″ a 24″
Print repeat max mm up to 1000
Speed mm 150 – 300