Flexographic printer with central drum for 6 to 8 colours with mechanical transmission or Gearless technology with independent motors. It is high quality, versatile and easy to use, adapting well to medium-high production due to its technological content.

Due to its versatility, excellent structure and the great precision of the central drum, Ecoflex allows excellent printing quality, even at maximum speed, on various printing media, from paper to plastic and stretch film.

Ecoflex can be equipped with a wide range of technical solutions to improve its already excellent performance.

  • Cooled central drum
  • In machine sleeve change system
  • Chambered doctor blade with injector system
  • Pneumatic or peristaltic ink pumps
  • Ceramic screen cylinders
  • nput film guide
  • Drying between colours and electrically heated hot air tunnel
  • Video camera to monitor printing
  • Strip winding guide
  • Unwinder and winder for rolls up to 1500mm
  • Roll lifting system for winding and unwinding
  • “REVOLVER” automatic cut and change rewinder
  • Longitudinal cutter with several blades
  • Corona treatment
Technical characteristic 
Colors mm 6 8
Width mm 300 – 1200 300 – 1200
Print repeat min mm 280 280
Print repeat max mm 600 600
Speed mm 150 – 300 150 – 300