Stack Type Flexographic printer for 1 to 4 colours with Mechanical transmission or Gearless technology. Simple and compact, it is ideal for roll to roll applications and is made up of a single structure for easy installation.

Ecostack is amazing due to its incredible ease of use and satisfies a wide range of clients with its various configurations. Two examples are:

Ecostack base configuration equipped with:

  • Mechanical transmission with gear cascade
  • Ceramic anilox cylinders and rubber inking cylinders
  • Hot air drying

Ecostack top configuration equipped with numerous technical solutions:

  • Gearless System with independent motors
  • Strip guide actuator
  • Print monitor video camera
  • UV lamp drying
  • Chambered doctor blades with injector system
  • Ink pumps
  • Unwinding roll lifter
  • Longitudinal cutter
Technical characteristic
Colors 1 – 4
Width mm 300 – 1200
Print min mm 280
Print max mm 600
Speed mm 100 – 250