New generation flexographic printing machinery Stack Type, is presented in the classic bridge configuration, this allows you to mount up to 8 colours groups , with gearless technology or mechanical trasmission , coils up to 1500mm in diameter and be equipped with a wide range of accessories, allowing it to expand more the type of work, while maintaining the feature ‘ Evelyn of which is the ease’ of use.

An example configuration’s Evelyn equipped with:

  • 4 color groups
  • Closed chamber doctor blades injection
  • Pumps for inks
  • Change system SLEEVS sleeves in the machine
  • Unwinding station shoulder to reels up to 80 kg
  • Tunnel drying air heated electrically
  • Boxes drying between colors
  • Corona treatment
  • Longitudinal cutter outgoing material
  • Winding station shoulder for a reel change more rapid
Technical characteristic
Colors 1 – 8
Width mm 300 – 1600
Print repeat min mm 280
Print repeat max mm 600
Speed mm 100 – 250